5 Exciting Ways to Reignite Passion in a Relationship

Maintaining passion in a long-term relationship requires effort and creativity. As the initial excitement fades, it's essential to actively work on reigniting that spark in the years that follow. There are several fun and innovative ways to bring back the passion and keep the flames burning (and most won’t cost you anything but your time!)

1. Embrace New Routines… & Morning Sex

It’s easy to get stuck in a habit or routine that leaves little time for romance, sex or other forms of intimacy. Break free from the monotony and explore new sexual experiences together, or choose a different time of day.  In a recent survey, more respondents reported that sex was best first thing in the morning. 7.30am is the sweet spot, apparently, so set that alarm early!

morning alarm

Image: Aphiwat Chuanhchoem

2. Create Distraction-Free Quality Time

In our fast-paced, mobile-phone fueled lives, it's easy to get caught up in distractions and neglect the quality time we spend with our partners. Make a conscious effort to set aside dedicated, distraction-free time for each other. Plan date nights, weekend getaways, or simply unwind at home without any technological interruptions. By focusing solely on your partner and building emotional intimacy, you'll discover a renewed passion and deep connection that will strengthen your bond.

3. Engage in Shared Adventures

Embarking on new adventures together can create lasting memories and reignite the passion in your relationship. Explore new hobbies, go on exciting trips, or take up a physical activity you've both been interested in. Sharing new experiences builds a sense of camaraderie, exploration and teamwork. If it's cold outside, you’ll be forced to get cozy together too!

couple sitting by a lake

Image: Flo Maderebner 

4. Talk Dirty

Verbal communication can be incredibly arousing and can heighten the intimacy between partners. Experiment with using seductive and provocative language during intimate moments, expressing your desires, and describing your fantasies. Be sure to establish boundaries and have an open conversation with your partner about what you're both comfortable with. When done with consent and respect, dirty talk can add a thrilling new dimension to your sexual encounters and reignite passion in your relationship. Read Dr. Emily Morse's advice on getting better at dirty talk.

We love dirty talk but we hate messy sheets, so don’t forget to put your playdrop mat down on the bed first!

couple on bed together

Image: Ketut Subiyanto

5. Starting With You: Self-Care

While it may seem counterintuitive, prioritizing self-care and ‘me time’ can significantly impact the passion in your long-term relationship. When you invest in yourself, explore personal interests, and nurture your own well-being, you become more vibrant and fulfilled as an individual. A greater appreciation for yourself (and heightened self-awareness) can open you up to effectively communicate your wants and needs to your partner, fostering a healthier and more fulfilling dynamic in the relationship. 

Feature image by Anna Pou