Frequently Asked Questions

A waterproof mat for all types of fun!  Whether alone or with a partner(s), a playdrop sex mat allows for all your fun with out worrying about the mess, clean-up or lying on the wet spot afterward.

playdrop mats consist of a three unique layers:

  • POD-TEX™ technology is a unique triple-layer design to create a leakproof, breathable and reusable mat.
  • TOP LAYER -100% cotton (Terry cotton). Grid stitched to prevent bunching.
  • MID LAYER -Polyester wadding. To absorb and disperse moisture.
  • UNDER LAYER -Coated polyester for waterproofing (TPU). Constructed to grip.

* playdrop mats are certified by an independent third-party lab to be free of PFAS, lead, cadmium, mercury and all phthalates

A sex mat covers the area you are playing on, and a blanket is for sleeping! ;-)

Easy! Just place the playdrop sex mat on top of anything you don’t want to get dirty – then play away!

You betcha! The playdrop sex mat absorbs up to 6 cups of liquid and is easy to wash. So you are good to go! Read more about using our mat for period sex.

Squirt away! The playdrop sex mat absorbs up to 6 cups of liquid. Find out why our sex mat is perfect for squirters.

It sure is! You get to use this sex mat over and over again. The playdrop sex mat will sustain approx. 500 washes before it should be replaced. Read our sex mat care instructions for more information.

Not yet! If there is something you need, drop us an email for consideration.

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