How to Wash Your playdrop Sex Mat


The playdrop reusable sex blanket is your ultimate companion for hassle-free and enjoyable intimate experiences. It has been designed to eliminate any stress so you can focus on the fun. Our machine washable sex mat ensures that you can indulge in endless pleasure without worrying about the messy aftermath. In this care guide, we'll provide you with 3 simple steps to keep your playdrop sex mat fresh and clean so you can get down and dirty again and again without worrying. Say goodbye to wet spots and hello to pleasure!

1. Into the Washing Machine

Yes, your playdrop Sex Mat is 100% machine washable! This means you can enjoy your fun without worrying about the clean-up. It’s time for a foam party in the washing machine! Just throw it in with the rest of your towels during a regular wash cycle. We recommend washing it with similar colours to avoid discoloration. When washing your playdrop sex towel, use a mild detergent. Remember, a  little goes a long way! Avoid using fabric softener, dryer sheets, dryer balls, or bleach. 

OPTIONAL: Need to Deodorize Your Sex Mat? Is your Sex Mat feeling Stiff? Add A Cup of Vinegar

Occasionally, you may want to deodorize your playdrop sex mat. In such cases, feel free to use vinegar or Oxyclean. Add a small cup of vinegar or Oxyclean to the wash cycle, sit back, and let the mat regain its freshness. Remember to thoroughly rinse the mat afterward to get rid of any leftover residue. If your playdrop Sex Mat feels stiff, it could be due to excessive detergent usage. Similar to regular towels, the terry cotton might have built up a soapy residue. To resolve this, wash your mat with a cup of vinegar and/or baking soda, followed by a thorough rinse. This should help restore the soft and fluffy texture of your sex blanket. 


2. Toss it in the Dryer

Throw your reusable sex blanket in the dryer. The mat is designed for easy use, so no additional steps are required. Just let the dryer work its magic on a regular setting until the mat is completely dry.


3. Ready for More Fun

Voila! Your playdrop sex mat is now ready for another round of late night – or daytime (we’re not judging!) adventures.  You can place it back into the convenient travel bag or or place it right back on the bed for more fun. We’ve designed your mat to sustain at least 500 washes so you can keep those rolling Os coming. 


The playdrop reusable sex blanket is designed to make your intimate experiences worry-free and enjoyable. With proper care, your mat will remain fresh and ready to accompany you on countless exciting experiences. Say bye-bye to pesky wet spots and hello to stress-free pleasure for days. By following these care instructions, you'll keep your mat in top-notch condition for countless intimate and sexy adventures!

love for the playdrop sex mat

No wet spot! super comfy and didn't know I needed until I did. Doesn't bunch up and washes great.
Also handy for red sex.

- Kate

This is the best thing to happen to our sex life! No mess, no fuss! Comfortable and clean up is a breeze. Definitely, holds a lot of liquid and protects your comforter and sheets!

- Crystal

A game changer for period sex! The playdrop mat covers a large space and actually stays in place!