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The Best Squirt Blanket

The time has come for you to start enjoying sex and female ejaculation without worrying about cleaning up afterwards.
If you're looking for a waterproof squirt and sex blanket to cover your bed or furniture, our waterproof squirt blanket is the ultimate solution, featuring a soft, absorbent top (holding up to 1 litre of liquid!) and a base that doesn't bunch or move during sex.
  1. playdrop sex mat  and squirt pad in navy and gray
  2. grey waterproof sex mat and squirt pad
  3. playdrop sex mat and squirt pad navy
  4. grey waterproof sex mat with case
  5. navy blue waterproof sex mat with pouch
  6. Light grey sex mat displayed on bed
  7. navy blue waterproof sex mat displayed on bed
  8. playdrop sex mat with logo
  9. grey sex mat with stain
  10. crunching grey  sex mat up
  11. pillow with "chill out" written on it on top of grey sex mat
  12. royal blue coloured sex mat displayed in romantic ambience with candles and cheetah print attire
  13. strawberries with whipped cream in bowl above grey playdrop sex mat
  14. two wine glasses on navy sex mat. One wine glass has spilled over and is absorbed by mat
  15. playdrop sex mat inside carrying pouch with logo

The Playdrop Sex Mat

Regular price $55.00
  • 100% waterproof sex mat! Will safely absorb more than 1 litre of liquid – up to 6 cups!
  • Large (5' x 3')! So easy to use just like ‘protection’ – pull it out, lay it flat and boom your surface is covered! NO moving or bunching!

    **INCLUDED FOR FREE is the playrag. A $25 value!**

  • A unique triple-layer design that is breathable and soft on the skin!
  • Machine washable. Just throw it in with the rest of your towels on regular wash & dry! Reusable - will sustain up to 500+ “fun” washes!
  • Lab-tested and contains no PFAS, PVC, vinyl or latex: playdrop mats feature TPU waterproof coating and are certified by an independent third-party lab to be free of PFAS, lead, cadmium, mercury and all phthalates. Playdrop mats are a green solution for the environment!


Squirt away! The playdrop sex mat absorbs up to 6 cups of liquid.

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