Shake Up Your Bedroom: A Guide To Revive Your Sex Life

Sexual Monotony Strikes!  Ever wondered how to add some sizzle back into your love life? You're not alone! Let's face it, even the best of us can find ourselves in the doldrums of bedroom boredom. But fear not, there's hope, humor, and a whole lot of fun in reigniting that spark!


1. Accentuate the Positives

Talking about it might seem scary, but it's worth the plunge. Start by telling your partner what you already love about your sex life. Do you adore the languid pace? Crave a new adventure? Maybe you’d love a cozy dinner date before diving into romance. Start there, and then, in the most playful tone, ask your partner for feedback. You could even throw in a cheeky, "Is there anything you've been itching to try in bed?" Imagine it's like having a secret menu at your favorite restaurant—your partner might just have a hidden desire they've been waiting to share!


couple bike riding in sunset

Image: Everton Vila


2. Ditch the Complaints

When you're ready to make your request, do it like a pro. Picture this: "How about we carve out a Sunday morning with zero phones to try out this new massage oil I picked up? It could lead to some interesting places." But remember, it's not a complaint! Avoid those "We never..." statements; they're like a wet blanket on your partner's mood. Instead, focus on what you want.

By phrasing your desires as exciting adventures, you're making your partner want to come along for the ride!


3. Spice it Up as a Game

Still feeling a tad uncomfortable? Here's a playful twist: grab a piece of paper and a pen, then have your partner do the same. Write down how often you'd like to have sex and compare it to what you think your partner desires. Swap papers, have a laugh, and start the discussion! Think: sexy game night for two. You're transforming a potentially awkward conversation into a delightful game of sexy surprises. Who wouldn't want to play along? Alternatively, try some of these top sex card games for some new inspiration. 


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Image: Cottonbro Studio


4. The "I" Statements Trick

Talking about sex can get tricky, so here's a nifty formula to keep things smooth: construct your sentences like this — "I feel X when you do Y." This way, you avoid pointing fingers and keep things playful. Think of it as creating your own intimate treasure map, with each "X" marking a new thrilling discovery! Express what you adore about your sex life and what you'd like to explore more. Avoid the "We never" or "You're too" accusations.

5. Switch up the Routine

If you want to take things to the next level, think outside the bedroom. Surprise your partner with a weekend getaway, try a couple's massages, indulge in a fancy dinner, or even visit a strip club (if that’s your thing). And remember, take it one step at a time, ensuring your partner is comfortable every step of the way. It's like planning a thrilling adventure together, exploring new destinations, and discovering uncharted territories of pleasure. The journey itself is part of the excitement! Read more on this with our 5 Exciting Ways to Reignite Passion blog post. 


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Image: Anna Shvets 

Plenty of excitement is ahead — so get chatting. The sooner you talk, the sooner you can get to all the good stuff. Looking for an accessory to help you explore messy and exploratory sex with your partner while keeping your space clean? Check out our playdrop sex mats. You’re welcome.