Best Oral Sex Positions

As you and your partner (or partners!) take on the new year, let's plan for some spicy romance by changing up your oral sex positions. The team at playdrop mats share their top four favourite oral sex positions for 2023. 

Sure thing, being on your knees (for all genders) can easily take you both to where you want to go; however, you may want to consider switching up your moves to keep the flames of passion burning brightly throughout the new year. 

We've done the research; we've listened to sexperts, read the blogs, and pulled from the pages of the Kama Sutra. There are heaps of positions to try (with not a lot of flexibility needed but maybe just some courage and creativity). 

Here are some of the best oral sex positions that the playdrop mat team recommends when you’re romancing in the bedroom, the living room, the kitchen, or even against your foyer wall.

69 Remains Mighty Fine

69 written numbers

Photo by Shane

69 is a classic position because it deserves to be one. Sure, you may find this position distracting or hard to concentrate. But with focus and "divided" attention, the oral sex 69 position has been helping young (and old!) lovers see fireworks since the 60s.

Ask your partner to lay on their back, and you (gently) climb on top with your face to their feet. Butt in the air. And gently lower towards them.   

And as a bonus, with a quick flip or a rollover, your partner is now on top, bringing along new sensations (and great new views, too!). Or you can even try rolling on your sides too. 

Getting Behind the Behind

sex positions with fruit

Photo by Deon Black 

The view from the front isn't the only one to see! Ask your partner to lie down on their belly, and you can slide into their "hearts" from behind. 

Slide a pillow (or two) under your partner’s hips, and you can raise the moment to new heights. (No need to continue justifying that assortment of extra throw cushions on the couch!)

Throw a leg over the shoulder—or two

legs in the air


An easy over-the-shoulder position is where your partner lays on their back (on any furniture or floor!) and throws a leg over your shoulder before you dive in. Try this one leg at a time or both, opening up new sensations for all. 

And if anybody is worried about the heat on the new dining room table or the new couch, slide a playdrop mat down before any bottoms are seated. The waterproof sex mat alleviates any of your furniture concerns and catches all the the wet stuff. No evidence is left behind.

 "Face" ing forward

Gently lift your partner onto a counter or a high table; either they can lay back against a wall or sit up. All depending on the height of the furniture or the counter, you can sit or stand. Allowing your partner to watch as you do your magic. 

The team here at playdrop mats doesn't care how you do oral sex; but we do encourage you to be safe. 

And if things get juicy, or if you add water play into your moves, be sure to use a waterproof playdrop sex mat to keep the sheets (or furniture) dry and clean and to stop wet sheets after sex. The best part is that the playdrop mat allows for all your fun without worrying about the mess, or what you do with bed sheets after sex


Lead image: Photo by Deon Black