5 Habits That Are Ruining Your Sex Life

We’ve been bad. And not in a good way.

The last few years have been tough on romantic relationships in many ways and all this extra time together has definitely impacted our sex lives. Not a lot of action is being had. 

We’ve all developed new habits and some of our daily rituals are having seriously negative impacts on our sex lives without us even realizing. Maybe you’ve spent too much time wearing comfies and binging on Netflix. Or even working from bed. 

It’s great to be comfortable with your partner but sometimes, the downside of having this ultra-cozy relationship is that we’ve developed lousy sex habits.

 5 Bad Sex Habits We Recommend You Break Immediately:


1. Sleeping With Your Dog 

dog on bed

I know; you love your four-legged family members. But they can put a severe hamper on our romantic moments—nothing like a dog sleeping between you and your lover or whining and scratching to ruin those tender times. 

Give the dog a bone and kick them off the bed for a night. Maybe even two nights in a row. 

2. Not Talking About Sex

We’re all guilty of the good night cheek peck and roll over on your side maneuver at bedtime.   

Tonight, we challenge you to a little conversation. 

Try talking about the things you would like to try in bed, or ask your sweetie a few questions about what arouses them or what they may want to explore. Maybe your partner wants to try new moves but struggles to bring this up. 

Or they worry you’ll freak out over the mess (but the linens!). 

Maybe this conversation will see you giving a surprise to your partner and gifting them a playdrop sex mat to keep the sex interesting (and the linens clean!). 

3. Watching TV in Bed

watching netflix in bed

“I’m just resting my eyes” is the downfall of any romantic liaison, especially after a night of binge-watching TV from your own bed.  

If you have to ask, “is it ok to watch TV while laying down?” then we promise you - it’s not. Your night will end with the sounds of snoring vs the cries of ecstasy. 

Turn the TV off and turn your partner on. It’s time for a new type of entertainment. 

4. The Same Sex Positions

We all have that trusted position that is guaranteed to bring us to climax. Why not try something different? 

After your open chat about what you want to explore sexually, you and your partner can try a new sex position. Enjoy the ride and take the long way home!

5. Using Your Phone in Bed

This is probably the hardest habit to break. Scrolling social media before bed (and falling down the rabbit hole of looking at photos of your exes' grandma’s birthday party) isn’t great for your sex drive, passionate feelings or even sleep cycle. 

Try limiting your screen time on Instagram and TikTok and use that time to focus on your partner before bed. 

It’s possible to keep the passionate flame going with your sweetie. We recommend talking, trying a few new moves, and keeping the dog off the bed to keep things intimate and hot. And not just in the summer months.

woman on playdrop mat with high heels

Break some lousy sex habits and get ready to play with your playdrop sex mat!