Why You Need A Playdrop Sex Mat

Good sex can be messy.

Some sort of mess will inevitably be part of your romantic moments. And that can be with or without a partner. We don’t need to be a contortionist or into watersports; sometimes, we all need a little protection between us and the sheets in our home of pleasure and wild abandon. However, housekeeping becomes a more practical concern for our amorous adventurers.

The playdrop mat works like a sex blanket or absorbent sex mat, shielding you and your post-coital romantic moments by soaking up the wet spot. It cleans the bed after sex for you!

The playdrop sex mat's job is to protect you, your partner(s) and your bedding, so that you can enjoy each other in the moments before, during and after. It’s an easy way to keep your sheets dry during sex. The playdrop mat collects the wet stuff and doesn’t bunch up, so you don’t have to worry about the clean-up (or really, lay in it after, too). 

Think the playdrop sex mat isn’t for you? Think again - here’s why you should invest in a sex mat:

"But maybe I'm not wild enough..."

You don’t need to be wild at heart to see the benefits of a playdrop sex mat. Sex can be slippery, no matter what your inclinations are. We all experience some mess from lube to natural body responses when rolling in the sheets. It’s what makes us human.

Not just for watersports

Please don't think you need to be seemingly adventurous or into "watersports" to benefit from a sex blanket. It’s meant to protect your peace of mind (along with your bedding or couch or linens) in what should be a stress-free inmate moment.

No need to take a period sex break

Many believe that sex during your period can have some real benefits (including pain relief), but they can't get around the potential mess factor and are somewhat squeamish. Or maybe you’ve wanted to try sex during your period but are worried about stained sheets and clearing up the bed afterwards. Or wonder if you have to clean the bed after sex. 

wine glass spilling on playdrop mat

Time to follow your dreams, friends. Using a playdrop sex mat solves this problem by providing an absorbent shield between you and your sheets. No matter the time of the month.

Or maybe you are: 

  • Post-pregnancy (or pregnant!) and are worried about your body; a playdrop mat can give you some peace of mind as it holds up to six cups of fluids!
  • A squirter and are tired of sleeping in the wet spot. Just lay out a playdrop mat and enjoy yourself without worry.
  • Into bubbles or candle wax or fruit or whip cream in bed (who are we to judge?) go ahead, make a mess – the playdrop mat will grab those inevitable spills.

Avoid the dreaded wet spot

It can be the little things you do for a partner that shows you care (like not making them sleep in the wet spot). If you can plan for the post-coital moments (as impactful as the lead-up and finish), a playdrop mat can be snuck away and thrown in the laundry hamper, hopefully, used again very soon. 

Inevitably, your bed (or couch, or back seat of the car or wherever you please) could see some stains during sex. Plan for that romantic moment, wherever it may be. The secret is safe between you and your playdrop mat.

the playdrop sex mat on a bed

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