The Best Sex Toys of 2023

We’re getting to that time of year when the “best of” lists are published. 

We turned to our sex toy research team (ok, our friends) over a glass of wine (maybe two) to learn about their opinions and experiences on the top sex toys of 2023. These toys are also great additions to use with your playdrop sex mats for when things get extra messy. 

Below we'll share our findings on the best sex toys, including classics and new toys.


glass dildo

Reworking the Classics

Over time, the dildo continues to be a top tool in the sexual toolbox for all. Coming a long way in design, feel and seemingly natural qualities, the dildo comes in first as a favourite for all men, women and non-binary people. 

Dildos have seen some design and material changes over the years, but you can’t mess with a good thing. The standard dildo comes at a solid first place for top sex toys in 2023 from our panel of sexperts. 

Lovehoney is a go-to for all sex toys and they have some realistic dildos that we'd recommend trying out! 

Or if you want to try something different, try a luxurious glass dildo. A fun twist on the classic!

different vibrator types

Attach a Massager to That

Following closely in popularity, the vibrator comes up on top, once again, for romance aids in 2023. 

By now, we think we’ve all learnt that if something works for you, then there is no need to change it. How wrong we are!  

Vibrators are now offered in various materials, from rubber, unbreakable glass, and silicone to stainless steel and jelly and come in multiple colours, textures and speeds. 

New slick designs (and some are quite pretty, too!) make vibrators a welcome piece in any bedroom. Oh, joy, no need to hide an ugly monstrosity under a mattress. 2023 vibrators belong sitting proudly on your bedstand along with your well-thumbed copy of 50 Shades of Grey (no judgment from us!). 

The New York Times has put together a comprehensive list of the best vibrators out there. Trust us, you'll want to check this list out and maybe treat yourself to a new massager.

Waterproof Sex Mat 

Well, no surprise, our waterproof playdrop sex mats are also winners for the top sex toys of 2023. A tool or a toy, the playdrop sex mat is always reliable for keeping your bed dry (or linens, couch, or wherever you prefer!) for however you want to play—no worrying about the wet spot. And you can protect your bed during sex.

Easily washable, the playdrop sex mat can absorb up to six cups of liquid and be thrown in the wash. Playdrop sex mats are practical and offer many loads of fun. 

wet playdrop sex mat on the bed

High Tech Smart Toys 

While sex toys won’t reboot your computer, they can reboot your sex life. Several items offer remotely controllable toys through your phone. While we can schedule everything from meditation to reading breaks on our phone, it looks like we can also schedule an orgasm (and hopefully two) by syncing vibrating sex toys to our phone.

In a life observed where we can track everything from our daily water intake to our steps, we found toys with apps that can also follow the quality of your orgasms. Sex toys are smart in 2023. And there actually is an app for that.

WeVibe has a large selection of app-controlled vibrators so your partner can control from a distance or you can have fun on your own. One that we particularly love the We-Vibe Chorus Couple's Vibrator. This one is great for long distance couples, as you can control your toy remotely from the We-Connect app from your phone from any distance. This toy is also designed to be worn for all sorts of activities to spruce up your daily activities. Passion knows no bounds! 

No Tech

And for those who aren’t super comfortable with the idea of technology or battery-operated tools, The Empowered Woman has created a Rose Quartz Yoni Egg.  Some believe that crystals can provide healing or stress relief and a variety of other healing properties. So burn off stress through incorporating yoni eggs and crystal dildos into your sexy routine. 

We’d love to hear more about your favourite sex toys of 2023. Which ones from this list would you like to try?  Visit our website to learn more about playdrop and our waterproof sex mats.