Breath Play and Choking: A Saucy and Safe Guide

Curious about the thrills of breath play and choking in the bedroom? You're not alone! Many are drawn to this edgy side of intimacy, where trust and sensation collide.

But let's be clear: this is not your everyday romp. It's a kink that needs informed consent, safety measures, and a good understanding of the risks involved.

Whether it’s a newfound curiosity, a personal request from a partner, or simply a fantasy sparked by what you've seen online, this playful guide is here to enlighten you on safe, consensual choking.

Understanding Breath Play

It's more than just restricting breathing; it's about controlling the flow of blood to the brain. This includes choking, smothering, and strangulation - each with its own risks and techniques. Remember, choking in kink is about constricting blood flow, not blocking the windpipe.

The Risks

Yes, it's risky - that's part of the thrill for some. Restricting airflow and blood supply to the brain can have serious consequences, especially for those with underlying health issues. It's essential to be fully aware of these risks before diving in.

What You Need To Know

Negotiate and Communicate

Everything should be pre-negotiated. Establish clear boundaries, desires, and a non-verbal "safe gesture" since speech might be hindered. Whether it's a tap, a drop of an object, or a squeaky toy, make sure it's understood and practical.

Image: Vidar

Partnered Play Only

Avoid solo experiments in breath play. Always have a trusted partner who knows the agreed-upon signals and can act quickly if needed.

The Art of Touch in Choking

Start gently and focus on the sides of the neck, avoiding direct pressure on the front. It takes very little pressure on the carotid arteries to feel the effects. Always avoid the windpipe and larynx.

Image: NCI

Tailoring the Intensity

Your goal defines your method. Enhancing a dominant/submission dynamic? Maybe simple neck grasping or light pulling on a collar is all you need. Looking to reduce airflow? The hand-over-mouth techniques might work. Strangling for the euphoric rush? Gentle, brief pressure on the carotid arteries is the key.

Watch Body Language

Avoid methods that obscure facial expressions and body language. Quick and easy removal is crucial in case of distress.


Post-play care is essential. Share your experiences, discuss what worked and what can be improved. It's about building trust and understanding.

Remember, our saucy playdrop mat makes every adventurous experiment comfortable and fun. Explore safely, communicate openly, and enjoy the thrilling journey of breath play and choking! 🌶