How to Make a Girl Squirt

Ever wondered how to make a girl squirt? Squirting—a topic shrouded in both intrigue and myth—is one of the most fascinating aspects of female sexuality. While some believe squirting to be mythical,  many women can achieve it with the right mindset, patience, and a supportive partner. Let’s dive deep into understanding what it is, how it works, and how to approach this journey with your partner in a fun, educational, and safe manner.

1. Preparation: Setting the Scene for Success

Creating an environment conducive to intimacy and relaxation is the first step in how to make a woman squirt.

Set the tone with these key elements:

  • Clean and Tidy: Make sure the space feels comfortable and clutter-free. A clean room helps both partners relax.
  • Lighting and Ambiance: Dim lighting or candles create a soothing atmosphere. Add soft music for an extra touch of sensuality.
  • Protect Your Sheets: Lay down towels or a waterproof sex blanket to keep your bed (or any surface) dry and stress-free. Female ejaculation can vary in volume from a few drops to over 100 milliliters. This is the perfect time to have your playdrop sex mat ready to go!

Hydration is Key: Encourage your partner to drink plenty of water before starting. A dehydrated body will produce less fluid.

2. Building Connection through Foreplay

Achieving squirting isn’t just about physical touch—it’s a mental journey that requires patience and a deep sense of trust. This is where foreplay and emotional connection come into play:

  • Compliment and Reassure: Compliment her and affirm how much you’re looking forward to the experience together. This builds trust and makes her feel cherished.
  • Sensual Massage: A gentle massage helps her relax and feel nurtured, easing into a state of comfort and readiness.
  • Explore Together: Kiss, caress, and explore sensitive areas to build intimacy and arousal.

3. Understanding and Finding the G-Spot

After establishing a connection, move toward stimulating her G-spot, the key area involved in squirting.

Locating the G-Spot:

  • Insert two fingers (middle and ring) into her vagina, palm facing up.
  • Gently press upward to feel for a spongy, textured patch on the front vaginal wall, about 1-3 inches inside.
  • You may notice a "groove tube" that extends further back, leading to the G-spot area.

Stimulating the G-Spot:

  • Begin with a gentle “come hither” motion and gradually increase pressure while maintaining consistent rhythm.
  • Use your entire arm for consistent movement to avoid wrist cramping.
  • To increase pleasure, use your other hand to stimulate her clitoris or apply pressure on her lower abdomen.

4. Get the Mindset Right

A woman’s ability to squirt is as much about her mental state as her physical readiness. 

Here’s how to help her:

  • Release the Pressure: Squirting shouldn't be a pressured performance. The focus is on mutual pleasure, not meeting a specific goal.
  • Debunk the Myths: Educate her that squirting isn’t urine—it’s a natural, beautiful expression of her body’s pleasure. The fluid is believed to come from the Skene’s glands (similar to the male prostate) and contains prostatic acid phosphatase (PAP), prostate-specific antigen (PSA), and traces of other compounds.

5. Incorporate Toys for Added Fun

In addition to manual stimulation, consider introducing sex toys for enhanced exploration:

  • G-Spot Wands: A curved G-spot wand provides targeted stimulation for her G-spot.
  • Clitoral Stimulators: Suction toys or vibrators can enhance arousal, especially when paired with internal stimulation.

6. Pelvic Floor and PC Muscles

Pelvic floor muscles (also known as pubococcygeal or PC muscles) can contribute to squirting. Encourage her to practice Kegel exercises regularly to improve control over these muscles.

  • Bear Down: Help her practice “bearing down,” which allows her to release fluid instead of holding back.
  • Squeeze & Relax: Alternating between squeezing and relaxing the PC muscles can help calibrate and sync with her body’s responses.

7. Communication is Crucial

Good communication is key to any successful intimate experience. Create a space where she feels comfortable sharing her needs:

  • Ask for Feedback: Check in regularly and see if she wants more pressure, a different rhythm, or if a particular motion feels good.
  • Celebrate Progress: Whether she squirts or not, acknowledge the shared pleasure and exploration.

8. Embrace the Mess and the Joy

Squirting can be messy, and that’s perfectly fine! Here’s how to make sure you both enjoy it:

  • Stay Relaxed: Place your waterproof sex mat underneath her and focus on enjoying the moment. Treat the mess as an erotic benefit. 
  • Support Her Release: Encourage her to fully let go if she feels an urge to release. The intensity of this experience can vary from drips to full gushes.

9. Let Go of Expectations

Understand that squirting is a unique experience for each woman, and not everyone will achieve it every time.

  • No Pressure: Make sure she knows there’s no pressure to squirt—it’s all about sharing pleasure together.
  • Celebrate Exploration: The journey itself is the destination. Whether she squirts or not, the experience should deepen your intimacy.


Helping your partner achieve a squirting orgasm can be a rewarding and unforgettable journey. It’s all about building a sense of safety, exploring her body together, and understanding the importance of communication and relaxation. Leave the post-squirt cleanup to us. Approach it with curiosity, a playful spirit, and an open mind, and you’ll both enjoy every step of the way!